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Tweeting Bird Bike Light & Horn

So you do like to spend your time cycling, as it is not only a healthy way to exercise, being low impact and all, it also works out that lung power and heart of yours. If you want to dress up your bicycle, there are many different kinds of accessories to choose from, but there is always a more fun way of doing things, and the $24.99 Tweeting Bird Bike Light & Horn does seem to be one unorthodox manner to equip your two wheeler with a horn to warn other pedestrians and road users that you actually exist.
Experience the joy of riding your bicycle outdoors, and regardless of whether it is a mountain trail or on a road, the path in front of you will be adequately illuminated thanks to this cute looking faux feathered friend. Surely kids around the neighborhood would be able to identify with you whenever they see you riding your bicycle, considering the rather unique attachment. Sporting 9 bright LEDs that light your way, this cordless, water resistant device features a steady and flashing light function, alongside a loud twitter warning horn. The handlebar mounting system makes it easy for the bird to slide on and off, and it can double up as a mobile flashlight, now how about that? Just make sure you have a trio of fresh AAA batteries as a replacement when the current batch is depleted.