Tweet-a-Watt Shows Your Power Consumption Online

This next product is a combination of two products. Some of you might remember when we reported on the Kill-A-Watt, a device that will give you a digital and numerical readout of how much power you actually use.

Now there is the Tweet-a-Watt. This is a Kill-A-Watt that is able to go online with Twitter. Now, everyone who is following you on Twitter will know exactly how much power that you use. Be prepared for the ramifications of that.

How does this work? Tweet-a-Watt uses a modified Kill-A-Watt, and then communicates with a computer via XBee receiver. All it takes is an active Twitter account after that.

So how much will this cost you? Well, you need about $20 for the Kill-A-Watt, and about $90 for the components to make this happen with a Do-it Yourself kit. Additional kits for monitoring multiple outlets are about $40.

I am amazed at the Tweet-a-Watt. Not only is it a blend of two gadgets, Kill-A-Watt and Twitter, but two fads: energy conservation and Twitter. Speaking of energy conservation, I have recently heard that last weekend, about 900 megawatts of power was saved during Earth Hour in Toronto alone.

Hopefully, energy conservation will continue to increase. As for Twitter, it seems to be growing quite a bit, like the Washing machine that Twitters you. I can’t imagine what new “Twitterpated” devices we will see in the future.