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TV Listening Headband makes you look cool

tv-listening-headbandNot all headbands are created equal, and while there are some other headbands out there that intend to help send you to slumberland, this particular $149.95 TV Listening Headband has other item on its agenda – it will come with integrated wireless speakers which are comfortable enough to be worn while you grab some shuteye. In fact, it has been specially developed by the folks over at Hammacher Schlemmer, where the soft fleece headband features lightweight, ultra-thin stereo speakers which will be able to receive audio sent sans wires from a Bluetooth transmitter which in turn, is connected to your TV.

The TV Listening Headband will be different from earbuds and headphones that come with oversized earcups, since this particularly unobtrusive headband would allow you to listen privately to TV programs as you get to rest your head comfortably against a pillow, all without having to cause more noise than you could so that your other half will be able to catch some much needed shuteye in bed. The transmitter itself will be plugged into a TV’s audio port with the included RCA cable, or alternatively, you can have connect via the included USB and 3.5mm headphone cables to a computer, smartphone, or other compatible audio devices. There is a solitary button which is capable of controlling all functions, making it a snap to operate even when it is dark. The TV Listening Headband’s rechargeable battery offers anywhere from 8 to 12 hours of listening, where it takes a full 2 hours to juice up.

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