TurtleCell adds a permanent pair of earbuds to your phone

There are plenty of times when you’re out and about, and you want to listen to some music. Thankfully, in this day and age, almost everyone has a music player in their pocket. Now, you can just hit play on your phone and start rocking out on the built-in speakers, but if you’re in a public space, that’s not exactly polite. If you happen to have a pair of earbuds on you, then you can plug those in and enjoy your favorite tunes. But what if you left them at home? If this is a problem you run into, then you might want to get a new case for your phone.

The TurtleCell is an interesting new iPhone case with a very special feature. Rather than having to remember to stick your earbuds in your pocket or bag every morning, they come attached to the case. The buds rest at the top of the case, and with the press of a button, come free. The cord stays wound up at the back of the case, and extends to around 4 feet long. When you’re done listening, just hit the button again, and they retract back into the case. So not only do you have earbuds on you at all times, but you have a set that never gets tangled in your pocket.

The biggest downside to this case is that it does add a bit to your phone. You’ll get an extra 6mm of thickness, and about 25mm to the height. You can get one in your choice of black, blue, green, pink, or white for $50 during the Kickstarter funding period. If you want an in-line mic for taking calls, you’ll need to add an extra $10.