Turn your car into a tank

This next device is the best thing to come out of Russia since the those Daywatch and Nightwatch films.

This contraption is able to take an ordinary car and turn it into a tank. Apparently, it uses a continuous tracked platform to create a better monster truck than the Legendary Bigfoot.

Too bad you can’t just drive up on this thing with a pair of ramps and be tank treads. According to my source, the wheels must be taken off the car in order to get this to work, so I’m guessing that the axle needs to be attached to this somehow.

I can imagine a good use for this. You see, I always had this idea that I was going to buy a big house out in the middle of nowhere and drive out to Costco every few months for supplies. Now, if it snows really hard, how am I going to get out of my driveway?

Tank treads, that’s how! Yeah, my car’s a tank now! How do you like that, other motorists? Oh, you want to pass me? Oh, I’ll pass over you. Monster truck madness! Yeah.

Anyway, there is a video below, but it is sadly all in Russian. But it is enough to show how it will work.

I can’t imagine putting anything but a truck on this. I wouldn’t mind seeing a picture of a Fit or Volkswagen on tank treads.