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Turcom delivers pair of handheld water resistant Bluetooth speakers

turcom-moveWhen we talk about portable speakers, most of the time we would like to have some sort of rugged performance or characteristic attached to them. It does make plenty of sense, after all, as a rugged portable speaker would then be a whole lot more flexible when one brings it around, allowing you to enjoy your favorite tunes while sharing it with the rest of the group, and just in case you happen to bring it with you on your camping trip, there is no need to worry about moments when the skies open up and you run helter skelter to find some sort of cover without thinking about bringing in the portable speaker. Turcom sees an opportunity for this market, hence revealing not one, but two handheld water resistant Bluetooth speakers.

First of all, there is the AcoustoShock Mini which comes across as a compact, wireless Bluetooth bike speaker that has been specially designed to effortlessly mount on any bicycle’s handlebars. Apart from that, it can also be easily transformed into a portable, handheld speaker, as it tips the scales at a mere 9.5 ounces. Sporting a carefully crafted rugged exterior, the AcoustoShock Mini has been built to survive tough environments and active lifestyles, regardless of whether there is a light rain on the ride home from work, or perhaps some dirt from your hike in the mountains. Being IPX6 rated, it can withstand water, dust, and shock from drops while delivering great audio via its 3-watt speaker:

As for the AcoustoShock Move, this would happen to be a slim, portable speaker which will enable its users to add a soundtrack to their everyday adventures, where the AcoutoShock Move will feature an adjustable handle for carrying, and it can also double up as a stand for the speaker. It will be IPX4 water resistant, meaning its durable build enables it to withstand exposure to water, sand, mud and dust, while sporting dual 5-Watt speakers that pump loud and crisp stereo-quality audio. The battery is touted to deliver up to 10 hours of playtime on a single charge, where the asking price for the AcoustoShock Mini and AcoustoShock Move stand at $37.99 and $44.99, respectively.

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