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The Tudia Cable Protector adds a splash of color to your charger

Tudia Charger Clip

We’re pretty hard on our phone chargers. They’re stuffed in bags all willy-nilly, and we don’t seem to mind if they get mangled and frayed so long as they keep working. Of course, when they finally are broken past the point of repair, we wonder how it has come to such dire straights, and only then think of how we could’ve prevented this from happening.

If you’re on your 3rd or 10th cable this year, then it might be time to start taking preventative measures to make sure you won’t be looking at buying another. These Tudia clips will protect the end-bits of your charging cable, and should reduce the strain on them by up to 80%. I have no idea where that number came from, but it seems like it could be correct. These are very easy to put on, and are compatible with current Apple device cables.

These come in 5 colors, and are made of durable rubber and plastic to make sure they’ll stay in place. To get a set of five is going to cost you $22.95, which seems like it would make sense if you had a house full of people who all have an Apple phone or watch and are possessive over whose cable belongs to what person. The set comes with blue, green, pink, yellow, and grey. It’s a simple product, but often times it’s the little things we do that can stave off larger problems.

Available for purchase on thegrommet

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