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The TubShroom is a hair catcher for your tub


Do you own a luscious head of hair that billows in the wind as you walk? How about so much body hair that you could rival a werewolf? Both have a very similar problem to deal with, and that is clogged drains filled with hair. If you’re not using a catcher, you’ll wish you had been, because in time you’ll be looking to liquid plumber and it’s not going to help you at all.

Most catchers for your drain look more like a kitchen sink version, which does a great job for catching chunky bits of food, but is not fun to clean fine hairs out of. Normally they’ll just stop the hair from going any further, but builds up a soupy clump near your feet. The TubShroom looks like a button sitting on top of a hair curler, but functions as neither. The cylinder with a small slotted ring around the base will stuff down into your drain, and the button top will keep the whole thing from escaping into the abyss. This should fit any size tub drain, and as it is made of silicone, it should withstand the test of time.

Cleaning is very easy whether the hair is wet or dry, and it works wonders for human or animal hair alike if Fido needs a scrub. This is going to make keeping the bathroom tub tidy much easier, but is going to cost you $20 for one. It does seem like it’s capable of doing a better job than its counterparts, and looks far cuter to boot!

Available for crowdfunding on Kickstarter

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