Tube Clock Kit lets you build it yourself


There’s never a shortage of odd clocks on the internet.  Yet, how many of those can you have a hand in the constructing process?  Well this Ice Tube Clock gives you the opportunity to have a lot more involvement in the process of creating the clock.  Instead of putting in your order and getting a shiny new clock all put together.  You’ll pay money to order a clock you have to put together yourself.  Which might appeal to those of you that like to learn what makes your clock work.

The clock is created using a Russian display tube and once put together does actually have all of the average alarm functions.  Such as volume adjustment, a snooze button, the ability to display date and time as well as being able to choose between a 12h or 24h display.  Before you decide to purchase the kit, you might want to consider that the clock does generate high voltage (40V on up to 70VDC).  Which means they only recommend those that are experienced with electronics to tackle this kit.  If you think you can handle it, you can purchase it for $70.

Source: GeekyGadgets