The Tsunami Escape Pod

I’m sure that some of our readers are still dealing with the damage of the Tsunami that hit Japan. It is difficult to prepare for a catastrophe like that, but two Boeing engineers are working on a way with the Tsunami capsule.
I realize that the picture here is a really bad mock-up, but you can see how it would work. It is essentially a 7-foot ball that is made for a family of six. These six people would strap themselves in at the first sign of a tsunami, which I am guessing is when the tide recedes.
When the big wave strikes, what follows is probably one of the most thrilling and expensive amusement park rides ever. This ball will undoubtedly be crashing and bobbing up in the water, but it would eventually settle down.
Engineers Julian Sharpe and Scott Hill actually conceived the idea of the Tsunami Escape Pod several years ago during a tsunami warning at Cannon Beach, Oregon. Their concept is currently under development after the unfortunate events in Japan.
The plan is to have these Tsunami capsules hit the market in about two years for a price of about $1,000 each. I suppose we are looking forward to an era where all homes by the beach have one of these. Think of them as the fallout shelter for a potential Tsunami generation.

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