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This t-shirt knows if you’re thirsty

smart-t-shirtI suppose it does not take a genius to know whether one would need to go grab a glass of cool and refreshing water from the kitchen as the throat thirsts for this life giving liquid. After all, I would think that it is our body’s own reflex and natural action to inform us that we are thirsty, so that we do not end up dehydrated in the long run. Sort of a fail-safe system, if you will. Well, just in case you are rather occupied with whatever you are doing at the moment, so much so that you even dismiss your body’s desperate call for more water, here is a t-shirt that will be able to do the job on your behalf.

Most of us wear t-shirts in order to show the world just what our stand is on a particular matter, or whether we are a fan of a select science fiction series, and the ilk, but with this unique t-shirt, it will be able to inform you as to whether you are thirsty or not. In a rather special collaboration between Philadelphia University and Verizon, here we are with the next-level in wearable tech.

Close your eyes and imagine a t-shirt that is smart enough to be able to monitor your heart rate, inform you as to when you are getting dehydrated, as well as keep track of your range of motion during exercise or strenuous activity. A bunch of enterprising undergraduates over at Philadelphia University has been working on a t-shirt which will feature just this particular kind of wearable tech in collaboration with the Verizon Emerging Technologies team.

This particular compression t-shirt is made of polyester and Lycra, and it might look as though it is an ordinary workout top, but it will feature a soft skeleton of sensors sewn inside it. These sensors will then monitor your body during physical activity, where it sends information about your hydration levels, range of motion and heart rate directly to your smart phone. Pretty cool, don’t you think so?

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