T-Shirt Folder makes it a snap

The traditional roles at home have become somewhat intertwined – husbands these days also do the cooking and cleaning, while wives might have a hand at repairing that irritating leak. Still, when it comes to folding shirts, guys seem to have it tougher – it is as though something inside the brain cannot click to come up with perfectly folded clothes that are even on all sides. Nice to know that there is a gadget to address this issue in the form of the £14.99 T-Shirt Folder.
The name says it all, doesn’t it? Instead of spending time without any help to gain experience in folding clothes neatly, you can take shortcuts (some call it efficiency) with this unique device of sorts. Place the T-Shirt Folder (which is actually a plastic mat) on a table or any other flat surface where you are comfortable to work on, lay a loose T-shirt on top, and fold away. All the grooves on the T-Shirt Folder will allow you to flip both sides of your T-shirt inwards, one after the other.
The final and third fold will bring the base of your T-shirt in line with the neck, and you’re good to go – all in a neat and tidy package. If you want to stash away the T-Shirt Folder, it is easily foldable as well.