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TSA Friendly Laptop Carry On eases your transit woes

tsa-friendly-caseThose who are seasoned travelers will be able to identify with this when moving from one place to another – it is best to carry as little stuff as possible and pack the bare minimum since you can never quite tell just when you need to add more purchases during your work or holiday trip. Not only that, many of us do have a backpack to keep our suitcases company, and most of the time, the laptop goes into the laptop bag. Going through the scanning process can prove to be quite a hassle with the removal of your jackets, backpack, taking out the laptop, turning it on – the works. With the $159.95 TSA Friendly Laptop Carry On, life is a whole lot easier.

This impervious carry-on will enable travelers to tote around a laptop or tablet and have them sail through in a jiffy via the numerous security checkpoints at the border or airport. It will feature an exterior compartment that zips open and folds down, so that you will have quick, unfettered access to a laptop, all without having to go through the hassle of opening up the entire suitcase and showing the world what kind of clothes you pack. There will be a padded sleeve that protects up to a 15″ laptop, accompanied by a separate zippered mesh pocket that helps stash away your smartphone, passport, and boarding passes.

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