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TruGlide Apex Fine Point Stylus will let you write legibly on an iPad

Touchscreen devices were pretty phenomenal when they first arrived on the scene. Now of course, we’re getting a bit pickier about how we interact with them. Games are better played with a separate controller as you don’t want to cover the screen, listening to music normally needs an external speaker, and you almost have to get a stylus if you want to be able to write rather than type.

There are a plethora of options out there that are ripe for the picking, but inevitably, if you wait for a few months, something better will normally come along. Particularly in the stylus world, we are over saturated with choices, but the writing tip always seems to be huge. You can hardly take notes and be able to read it later. This is especially the case if you don’t have clearly legible handwriting in the first place. The TruGlide Apex is hoping to change that, with a point that is literally a fraction of the size of a normal stylus.

This is a brass barrel with a metal body that holds in place a rigid rubber nib. It’s the same kind of differenec using a fine point pen would have versus a ball point. It’s neat, smooth, and though it’s a bit chunky, will feel familiar to those of us that prefer pen and paper. Simply twist it to turn on and off, and you’ll need one AAAA battery to have it functioning. One of these will cost you around $49, or $60 if you also want a stand to go with it.

Crowdfunding available on Kickstarter

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3 thoughts on “TruGlide Apex Fine Point Stylus will let you write legibly on an iPad”

  1. I supported this project on Kickstarter and received my new TruGlide Apex last week! I have the brushed silver color. It looks very stylish, and I love the way it moves on my screen. It’s smooth and silent when I write. This is exactly what I was looking for in a stylus!

  2. Total Junk. I bought this and had to return it in a few days as it does NOT write smoothly or better than a $5 stylus.

    Save your money and your time DONT BUY IT

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