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A True Lifesaver

Whether warfare, police work, fire danger or toxic areas – society has not come up with a foolproof method of entering into unseen places. Fiber optic cameras have proven useful, but have time and distance limitations. Sure, animals are being used in some situations. But should any life – human or otherwise – have to be lost? Unfortunately, lives are often lost in the attempts to understand the extent of danger or damage. Bounce Imaging developed a solution that looks to end the potential sacrificing of lives in hazardous situations. Their ball shaped gadget contains cameras to capture panoramic views and sensors to measure things like temperature. Consider it the first eyes on the scene. Data and images are then transmitted to a mobile device. Of course being a ball you can throw it. No need for elaborate setup. The device is gaining momentum. Recent press and awards give credence to its viability as a solution for dangerous or hazardous situations. In fact TIME magazine recently named it one of the Best Inventions of 2012. And with an estimated cost of just $500 a piece, I find it hard to believe why any law enforcement or military establishment would not invest. Especially if lives can be saved. ]]>