A True “Cool” Gadget

Very cool refrigerator gadget for menA majority of the devices we write about fit into a breadbox. Which is sort of the optimum size for what we define as a cool gadget. Yet gadgetry should not be limited in size – so say all the car manufacturers at CES and electronics giants like Samsung. Gadgetry should improve the conveniences we already enjoy in life. Like our fridge!

Welcome to what Samsung calls the “home entertainer’s ultimate refrigerator” – the T9000. Though it sounds like a Cyberdyne Systems creation, this beast will not hurt a fly. This four-door refrigerator with LCD screen does way more than just chilling and freezing. Why four compartments? To accommodate everything in 25.5 cu ft. Put kid’s stuff in a lower space. Maybe you have food for your party – that can go in its own place. Or maybe you need one dedicated beverage space. You get the picture. Compartments on the left freeze. Compartments on the right chill – unless you need more than a chill. The lower right compartment converts to additional freezer space.  Commercial grade humidity levels are maintained in the designated fresh food zones via two compressors and three evaporators. And of course there is technology! The LCD screen features apps to help with a variety of daily tasks. Evernote allows you to share photos, videos and recipies with others. Keep track of family happenings with the calendar or check the weather before you leave home. Yep, you can do it all in the T9000. Expected in the first half of 2013, this cool cooling companion will retail for $3999. So if you have the money, and you like the versatility step on up to a techie fridge.