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This Tri-Tower Hydroponic Grow Box lets you have a garden anywhere

Tri-Tower Hydroponic System

In crowded city areas, it’s pretty difficult to know where your produce is coming from. Unless you’re buying from an organic hippie-type place, most groceries aren’t going to say which farm their produce came from and encourage you to look up their practices. If you wish you could grow your own food, but don’t own even the smallest patch of dirt, then you might want to look into a hydroponic system.

While we’ve seen some that work in tandem with a fish tank and such, they don’t allow you to grow very much. If you want to be able to grow more than basil and parsley, this U-ING Green Farm Tri-Tower Hydroponic Grow Box will allow you to manage tomatoes, berries, lettuce, and more! There are, as the name suggests, three shelves on which you can plant things. The bottom two measure 17cm tall, and the top measures 27cm for the taller veggies.

There’s a timer which can automatically shut off the lighting at night, and a counter that will let you know how many days your crop has been doing its thing. When you’re first starting the growing process, there’s a germination mode where you can turn off the LED lighting which will encourage seeds to sprout, and save on electricity! Thanks to a water level measure, you’ll also know when you need to supply the plants with a little H2O so they aren’t parched or drowned. This is no small purchase at $1,930, but it will provide you with fresh produce if you keep up with it, and you’ll be given tomato and basil seeds to start with.

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