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Trispecs merges trio of functionalities in one device

trispecsConvergence devices are cool in their own right since they allow you to do more with just a single device, saving you money as well as space in the process. The Trispecs is one of such devices, masquerading as a standard pair of fashionable sunglasses while doubling as a Bluetooth headset and earphones without anyone else knowing the better. There are three buttons located along the arms of the shades that allow you to control your MP3 player as well as phone functions, making them look slightly more bulky than usual although that ought to be fine since many fashion sunglasses do feature outrageously huge arms from time to time. The retractable headphones also feature noise cancellation technology courtesy of the boffins at STEP Labs, while their STEPvoice software provides voice-recognition to further enhance the performance of the Trispecs. Depending on your choice of Trispecs, it will retail anywhere from $199 to $224, and will be available in black, white, red, blue, gold and silver colors.

Source: Popgadget