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The Triple Snowball Blaster is the perfect winter weapon

The Triple Snowball Blaster

In a snowball fight, only those who can keep their energy up will be victorious. Your body can only handle the cold for so long, and you don’t want to end up with frostbite from playing outside, so there is a time limitation you face. Of course, no one’s usually keeping score, but you still want to feel like you “won” the day. If you know your throwing arm will fail you at some point but don’t want to give up the good fight, then you might need a little help on the battle field.

While you can’t rapid fire shoot snowballs unless you have a good vantage point, the Triple Snowball Blaster will certainly help. This has a snowball press on the top that will give you three perfect snowballs that you can launch at your opponents with minimal effort. This is a slingshot style launcher that will be far more accurate than we would be after an hour of throwing. If you are the overzealous type there is a scoring game included, but keeping track can sometimes detract from the fun.

There are no batteries to worry about, or needing to pump air to build pressure, as you only need to drop the snowball in, tilt back, pull the bungee and let it loose! You will need some time to reform more snowballs, as the convenience of getting three at once means it will take a little bit of time to pack in the snow. Being able to launch up to 80 feet seems a bit far-fetched, but this $39.99 toy could add to the fun on a snow day where you’ve got nothing better to do.

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