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Trioviz allows 3D images on 2D TVs, and more!

I’m not certain how much 3D is really going to change television as we know it, but if you have a 2D television, and you want to play 2D video games, then I have some good news. TriOviz has some interesting technology called TriOviz for Games SDK (Software Development Kit) which “leverages existing three dimensional graphics information in games to greatly enhance the depth-of-field, geometry volume and position, and the rendering of characters within a scene”. I got a chance to try out for myself, and played the Captain America: The First Avenger in the process. As you can see, the INFOCOLOR 3D Eyewear glasses are in slightly different colors than traditional red and blue. If used with the SDK software, TriOviz SDK allows the gamer to play 3D games with glasses on a 2D television. So far, the process has been tried out on other video games such as Batman: Arkham Asylum, Enslaved, and another game based on a Marvel superhero movie out this summer: Thor. Of course, this is actually old news as TriOviz launched this Games SDK over a year ago. Now they have Games SDK 2.0, which is compliant with 3D TVs. Okay, so all we need to do is get TriOviz on all video games, and every TV set will be ready for 3D video games, right? I suppose that we will see, and I would like to see where we are on this 3D thing in the next two years. Check out more information about TriOviz at their official site if you want to know more. ]]>

6 thoughts on “Trioviz allows 3D images on 2D TVs, and more!”

  1. Cool, the revolution in television has started. The market now battle for the best, every time coming up with new things. Considering the FPR technology it has really evolved and placed in the best position due to flicker free which is not in other technology.

  2. Sounds cool for bring 3D to regular HDTV sets and the developers claims they fixed anaglyph color issues. So, I expect more reviews for this one 🙂 !

  3. It seems like an affordable way to enjoy 3D, and this is new and cool solution that could change the idea of making thousand dollars TVs that are capable of 3D instead of inexpensive glasses.

  4. but this is just for gaming. For video, as you can see on the website, require special DVD / Blu-ray that have been processed using TriOviz anaglyph processor.
    Besides, anglyph will always be anaglyph. Colour shift will be there. Maybe it has been lessened using whatever technology they use, but it is physically impossible to make anaglyph 3D to be as good as circular-polarizer 3D (the one used in the movie theatres)

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