Trio Triple Adapter Charging Cable ensures you never run out of connectivity options

trio-triple-chargerFor those who do a whole lot of traveling, being prepared for any eventuality is a given, that is for sure. After all, you are unable to tell just when something might go awry, can you? Imagine you are in a different office elsewhere, and you need to urgently transfer one file from your smartphone to the archaic computer there which has no Bluetooth or Wi-Fi connection at all in the vicinity, what are you to do? Run to a nearby store and try to look for a compatible data cable? Heavens no, not when there is the $19.99 Trio Triple Adapter Charging Cable around.

The Trio Triple Adapter Charging Cable will come with Micro USB, Lightning, and Apple 30-pin connectors all rolled into a single device, with the opposite end being that of a USB connector. Not only that, knowing well how over the years, cable technology has not really advanced to a point where they do not end up in a tangled mess, the Trio Triple Adapter Charging Cable will arrive in a flat, tangle-free, ultra-thin cable. This is a charge/sync 3-in-1 cable that will kiss goodbye to your compatibility anxieties, and with it measuring 40” in length, it ought to be able to handle just about anything that you throw at it without batting an eyelid.