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Trio Cable of Multi-Use offers you added flexibility

trio-cableIt goes without saying that we live in a world full of mobile devices these days, and there are times when traveling becomes a real chore – especially when you take into consideration that there is plenty of stuff for you to pack along for the trip, such as chargers and the ilk. Having said that, perhaps the idea of a convergence cable would appeal to you greatly – which is where the $29.99 Trio Cable of Multi-Use comes in handy.

This unique cable, as its name suggests, will include a trio of connectors that are hugely popular with various devices these days, and they would comprise of Micro USB, Lightning, and Apple 30-pin connectors. Right smack at the opposite end would be a USB connector, ensuring that you can plug just about every modern day mobile device into your computer regardless of where you are. Be warned though, notifying everyone else in your party that you have the Trio Cable of Multi would most probably make you the most popular person in the room. It measures 3 feet in length and has 2″ of cable between each connector.