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The Triggertrap turns your phone into a DSLR shutter remote


When you want to take photos with a DSLR camera and don’t have an entire crew to help you, it’s time to invest in accessories. This means devices such as flashes or stabilizers like a tripod, but for shots where you are part of the picture you’ll need a shutter remote to snap the image. There’s normally a ten second timer to take images, which you can do a lot with let me tell you, but it would be nice if you could set up and snap the image once rather than leaving it all up to how quickly you can move.

 While there are tons of remote systems out there you could choose from, why not pick something that you’re already familiar with? The Triggertrap Mobile will let you use your smartphone in combination with this device to work as shutter control for your big fancy camera. This will work with iOS and Android, and while the app is free, you’ll be looking at $37 for the device.

Make sure you’re picking the correct version for your camera as well, or you’ll be spending money on something that won’t work with your brand. This is super easy to set up as all you need to do is install the app, plug it in and start shooting. There are three different long exposure remote modes, 5 timelapse modes, 13-exposure HDR modes, a sunset calculator, and more. While that’s great and all, it will be completely up to you as to whether or not those features are useful in your work.

Available for purchase on Amazon