Tricod Solar Light Pot

Alright so you’re all set with lighting to go all aroung your garden and show off your house, but you need a little something extra for your patio.  This Tricod Orange Solar Bubble Light Pot would look great sitting out on your picnic tables.  It has the same look as a terra cotta pot, but mixes in a little bit of a whisical look with the cute bubbles cut out of it.

With it being meant for the great outdoors, it is of course water resistant.  Which means it can handle rain, but probably won’t do so well being dunked in the pool.  It has a solar panel to keep the included rechargeable Ni-Cd AAA battery up and running.  There is an on/off switch, when it’s on it will only kick on once it senses darkness.  To pick it up it’ll cost you $16.99 through Amazon.

Source: Envirogadget