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The Tria Laser – turn aging into a thing of the past

Tria Skin Laser

When you reach a certain age, your body stops producing collagen. We start getting crows feet and laugh lines on our face, and bags under our eyes. We want to do all we can to stop or reverse these effects without having to go under the knife to achieve this look. While eating well and taking supplements can help, it may take a more intensive system to help you get your face to where you want it to be.

While this Tria Laser can’t fix everything, it can help you with fine lines and wrinkles. This system will require you to use it every day for a few minutes, but the results are supposed to be visible changes in clarity, smoothness, and radiance. This uses beams of light in targeted areas that will cause microscopic zones of cellular disruption. Your body will heal this disruption, reducing the lines. Keep in mind that this will not completely erase them, so you will need to have skin that is already in decent shape.

This is targeted at people who have close to flawless skin, are aging, and want to lessen the appearance of their wrinkles. It’s not a cheap trinket at $495, but hey, at least you can pick between a dove or lilac-colored shell. I’m sure this would work well for those that want to amp up their confidence in regards to aging, but unless you find confidence in yourself, no amount of wrinkle-reduction will make you feel better about the skin you live in. Age is a matter of the mind, if you don’t mind, it doesn’t matter.

Available for purchase on TriaBeauty