TrekDesk All-In-One Treadmill, Calorie Burner, and Office Space


Only 10% of adults have a consistent work-out plan. When you’re stuck behind your desk all day while you work, a lot of the time you lose track of your health. Your physique becomes flabby, your mentality becomes listless, and you pretty much evolve into a completely out of shape slab of skin. It can be hell on your self-confidence.

The TrekDesk offers an all-in-one solution for the home worker. It keeps you moving and your heart a-pumpin’ as you tap away at your keyboard answering e-mails. All you have to do is attach the easily assembled 70 x 38 desk onto any standard treadmill. It’s universal design ensures that your existing treadmill is compatible with the TrekDesk.


The TrekDesk offers compatibility with a wide range of ergonomically designed accessories, including a special exercise ball chair. The ball chair accessory includes a height adjustment system which allows you to keep at eye-level with your computer’s display while working up a sweat. In combination with the TrekDesk, the system is marketed as “the perfect combination for burning calories, increasing energy, productivity,and enhancing health and vitality.”

So while you might not be able to get out as much as you used too, that is no longer an excuse to let your health suffer as a consequence. Even if your skin becomes translucent from the lack of sun, you’ll be able to maintain a healthy heart and body instead of becoming one of those people who let themselves go, after working from home for a few short months.

Product Page via UberReview

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