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The Treepod is a treehouse that requires no building skills


When we’re kids, just about anything can be an amazing palace or rocket ship that will get you to space. The imagination of a child can take them anywhere, and they need little more than sticks and sand to come up with completely different worlds. When they get older, they usually want more tangible items like toys or tents to ground them in reality a bit more, but still have their own space for play.

 If you don’t feel like building a treehouse so that your little ones can play Tarzan or Swiss Family Robinson, then the Treepod is going to be a great holiday gift. Probably not going to be able to use it until the Spring, but hey, less work for you down the line! This is a hanging tent that can hold about 500 pounds, and has a 5 foot diameter, making it a perfect play space for kids.

This weighs less than 10 pounds on its own, but will support those on the inside whether they’re going to roll around or take a nap. This will cost you $270-325, with additional costs for the stand or equipment to hang it from a tree, but it’s a nifty playhouse nonetheless. The time and energy spent would also be around the same for building a simple structure on your own with supplies and labor, so as long as its quality up to par, it seems worth the price tag.

Available for purchase on Amazon