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Treblab XR700 provides wireless audio in style

Going for a run or an intense exercise regime is something that everyone should do in order to keep fit, but to do so without the help of any kind of music can be quite a dampener on the emotions. This is the exact reason why some gyms have been kitted out to look like a club of sorts, pumping out music that can almost split the eardrums while you sweat it out. For those who love to enjoy their runs outdoors, the Treblab XR700 wireless earbuds is something that is well worth considering.

 Specially positioning itself as a sports-oriented brand, Treblab’s latest XR700 earbuds will definitely make quite the impact on active lifestyles. This is an updated piece of wireless running equipment, where specific aspects of human ears have been taken into consideration before its manufacturing. Special attention was also given to the unique earphone fitting system, making it adaptable for runners so that the Treblab XR700 will remain in place even with sudden head movements. We love the fact that the fit can be custom adjusted for any ear, in addition to the length of the connecting cord.

Treblab has thoughtfully included special memory foam ear tips in order to help situate the earbuds perfectly in the wearer’s ears while providing the added advantage of an effective noise isolation space. Weighing a mere 0.77 ounces, there would surely be moments when you feel that the Treblab XR700 is not even there at all. While there are not many people who make use of Windows Mobile-powered devices anymore these days, the Treblab XR700 continues to cast their net wide with compatibility with iOS, Android, and Windows-devices.

Sporting high-quality speakers that boast of HD sound and a bass boost function, you will be able to enjoy your run with your favorite tracks without any fuss. The battery life has been bumped up to 9 hours of non-stop playback time, while both volume and device controls are located directly on the XR700’s earphones which are easily reachable. Time to up your exercise regime with the XR700!

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