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TREBLAB X5 lets you enjoy leading an active lifestyle

TREBLAB X5 headphones

When it comes to working out, each of us has our very own workout programs or schedules that fit our needs and goals best. However, regardless of whether you like a brisk walk in the mornings or evenings, or prefer to pound the pavement with at least 3 miles under your belt, one thing is for sure: music will help make the entire workout more manageable, or perhaps even spur you on to greater heights and improving your personal best. This means having a suitable pair of sports earbuds would go a long way in helping you out, and the TREBLAB X5 is one such sports earbuds that will get the job done and in style to boot.

The all-new TREBLAB X5 will make working out with music simple and comfortable through an optimization process that makes the shape fit better. Not only that, it has been specially designed in order to improve the hands-free built-in microphone while being compatible with Android, Windows, and iOS platforms, all crammed into a stylishly designed aluminum body that will be able to last the distance in terms of longevity and performance.

With an asking price of $79 a pop, the TREBLAB X5 will arrive alongside a trio of silicone eartips, expandable foam eartips and ear fins, ranging from small to big, in order to fit virtually any kind of physical activity you decide to indulge in without having to be restricted by the size of your ears. Each earbud will be powered by a 75-mAh battery, enabling the TREBLAB X5 to produce perfect sound for up to half a dozen hours. Sure, it might not be enough for a first time marathon runner, but it should be more than adequate for the average person who wants to get some exercise underneath their belt. The 600mAh charging case would also be able to deliver another quartet of additional charges. Being compatible with Siri and Google Voice Assistant, each earbud comes with two multi-functional buttons.

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