Treasure Seeker’s Shoes

treasure-seekers-shoesForget about the traditional methods when it comes to looking for hidden treasure with a metal detector in your backyard – the Treasure Seeker’s Shoes does so without having to burden your arm one bit. Why do we say that? Well, it is strapped to one side of your leg without making you look like some sort of nerd, alerting you to any potential treasure while you non-chalantly walk about.

These Treasure Seekers have the appearance of regular beach or summer wear, but have a nifty pack that straps to your leg and beeps every time your feet pass over a priceless Roman coin. There are three LEDs on the unit – green for normal (nothing detected), yellow for the slightest hint of something that might be worth digging for, and red for full-on ‘pass me that spade, I’m rich beyond my wildest dreams’ mode. Alternatively, if the squall of the beeping alarm is too much for you, you can always set it to vibrate instead. In truth, being discreet may well buy you precious seconds while you unearth your next treasure. When you’ve detected all you want to detect, you can simply unplug the detector pack and use them as normal sandals.

Made from black plastic, you can choose from small, medium and large sizes. The control box remains put on your calf courtesy of an elasticated band, while the box is no larger than a regular walkie talkie. Be prepared to get strange looks and questions from strangers as you walk around with this though. The Treasure Seeker’s Shoes retail for £39.99 per pair regardless of size.