Tread Desk – Walk your way to Success

There is no doubt that I spend way too much time in front of my computer screen and not enough time exercising. Truth be told, if its not the computer its the TV. Couple that with paying bills and taking a few calls and its no wonder I almost always have to skip dessert. Well I for one, am sick of it. I like cake, darn it.

Check out the Tread Desk, designed with the busy executive in mind, the Tread Desk allows you to integrate exercise right into your workday, without having to waste time, you can actually walk, while you work. No more giving up your lunch hour to log a few miles, you can easily return a few calls and go over your spreadsheets while doing your body some real  good. 

The “Tread” portion of the unit comes with a proprietary control panel which would best sit atop an adjustable height desk and is attached to the Tread via a six foot long cord. This  control panel will keep track of your distance, time, speed, calories burned and it also comes with an emergency shut off cord which manufacturers suggest should always be worn when using the Tread Desk.

It turns out that if you stopped sitting around in front of your computer and walked at only 1 mile an hour you would increase your calorie burn by 100 calories per hour, heck 1 mile an hour is certainly slow enough to be able to hold a conversation or type something… and a few hours of that, buys you a couple of cookies and a smaller butt!

I have to work, and I also know I have to exercise, I think it stands to reason that if I can get both things out of the way at the same time, that would be a good thing. The treadmill portion of the system sells for around 840 bucks, and a package with an adjustable desk starts at around 2500.00, visit for more info.