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Travelon Packable Shelves make packing a breeze for jet-setters

Packing Shelves Travelon

When you’re barely home in between trips for work, there’s not much time to pack and unpack. It’s a mad flurry to see what needs to be washed and tossed back into your suitcase as quickly as possible. While you can fold all of your shirts and roll up your clothes to stay as organized as possible, you have to take everything out to access all the stuff you packed. You can pull out all of your things and put them in drawers at whichever hotel is your temporary home, but then there’s the chance that you’re going to leave something behind by accident.

If you wish you could magically pull everything out in one go and have easy access to it, then you’ll want a shelving system like these Packable Shelves from Travelon. This is made of polyester mesh, featuring two open shelves and one zippered shelf. Two straps with D-rings on the end will let you lift this out of your suitcase and immediately hang it in your closet. This is quite similar to the idea that the FUGU luggage has, but is far more simplistic which means a lower price range.

It can fit in any suitcase 18” or more length-wise and weighs 2 pounds, which may or may not mean something to those who always travel by plane. If you do have a larger suitcase, you can put in things you want ready access to on the shelves, and the more frivolous items around it. This is only going to cost you around $34, and will make settling into a hotel a great deal easier.

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