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Traveler's Circulation Enhancing Leg Massager

For folks who tend to do a whole lot of traveling, you would certainly know all the relevant exercises to release the tension of your body, including performing the right kind of exercises on your calves and rotating your feet from time to time, which works great if you happen to be on a long haul flight. Well, thanks to the wonders and advances of technology, we now have the $39.95 Traveler’s Circulation Enhancing Leg Massager. This cordless device is said to improve circulation in your leg whenever you travel. The device will wrap itself around a calf, where it can inflate and deflate automatically, in order to facilitate the expansion and contraction of calf muscles so that there will not be any swelling in the long run, while blood flow will be enhanced. You can set it to cycle through three different compression levels, where each program takes around 15 minutes. Powered by a couple of AA batteries, it can fits up to a 20″ diameter calf. ]]>