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Traveler Digital Camera DC-5080 (5MP with webcam support)

For the last one week, I was eyeing on this new model of Traveler digital camera from Germany. For some reason, it caught my interest when I was shopping at Aldi, when they announced a product to be released this week. The Traveler Digital Camera DC-5080 has a 5-megapixel, sufficiently large enough to take really good quality pictures. In addition, the 1.7-inch LCD colour display allows you to see more clearly. Also, it comes with a 4x-digital zoom, which somewhat I feel it would be better if it were to be an optical zoom instead.

Off from the shelf, this Traveler DC-5080 is only available in Germany. I heard from somewhere that Traveler is also brand-named as Medion in Germany. Some of the accessories that is available from the box are:

  • lithium-ion battery
  • power charger/adaptor
  • carrying case
  • table tripod
  • USB cable
  • picture processing software (in CD)
  • driver software for Windows 98/ME/2000/XP (in CD)
  • driver software for Macintosh from OS 9.0 (in CD)

The digital camera is capable of capturing 5-megapixels images (up to 7-megapixels using interpolation technique). It comes with a 32MB internal memory, with a slot for SD memory card, to increase the storage to 1GB. The LCD screen is a 1.7-inch LCD colour display, illustrating excellent image quality. Furthermore, there is a 4X digital zoom that allows you to take images at a distance. The 5- or 10-second self-timer is also a beauty whenever you need to take self-timing pictures.

What is truly impressive about the DC-5080 is that it can also be used as a webcam. A table tripod is supplied with it, so that it can be mounted and placed on the table. Under webcam mode, the screen automatically changes to 320 x 240 resolution, capturing live motion images at 25fps (frames per second). In addition, the digital camera, when functions as a webcam, uses CCD technology, henceforth, you would expect webcam images to be clearer and sharper than those using CMOS technology.

Besides using as a digital camera, it can also capture live motion pictures and sound, and save it as MPEG-1 format in the memory. Though you may be able to preview the motion clip after recording, you may not be able to hear the sound since the camera does not come with a built-in speaker. Nevertheless, after transferring to the computer, the sound is just like what it is.

Though it may be filled with functions, you will be realised that the DC-5080 is as light as a cigarette packet. Weighing only mere 80 grams (without battery and SD memory card), you will not realise the presence of its weight. This is absolutely practical for travelling.

The Traveler DC-5080 also supports PictBridge technology, which allows you to connect directly to the printer (that supports PictBridge) to perform image selection and printing using the camera monitor screen and controls. DPOF (Digital Print Order Format) support allows you to specify which images you want to print and how many copies of each should be printed.

Guaranteed by the company for three years (lithium-ion batter for 6 months), the digital camera is definitely worth the value for money, considering that it was selling at €79.95 this week when I bought it.

The only thing I am disappointed with the DC-5080 is that it does not have an optical zoom. I would have preferred to have an optical zoom rather than a digital zoom. Other than that, I believe this camera is truly a good bargain, and somewhat a cool gadget to own as well. Very light and handly, you could never go out of your house without it.

EDIT: In response to some who are looking for drivers to this camera, you may download it from here. Note that, this driver is not supported since it is a copy from the CD that I originally have when I purchase this camera.

Below are some pictures of the DC-5080 camera:

Front View

Back View

Top View

Side View

106 thoughts on “Traveler Digital Camera DC-5080 (5MP with webcam support)”

  1. I bought this camera about a month ago, when it was sold at Aldi and the charger doesn’t work anymore…. And since it doesn’t have normal batteries (AA ones for example), the only solution is to buy a new charger or another camera… 🙁

  2. Since it’s been only a month that you bought the camera, there is high chance that you could get an exchange for it. Though I forsee it may be really troublesome, because the mother factory is based in Germany, you might have to call them or send them an email regarding the fault. You are still guaranteed by the warranty period as set down by the manufacturer. So, instead of getting down to the shop and request for a charger, try getting hold of their support department and request for a new charger, or exchange for a charger.

  3. I’ve bought this camera and i’m very pleased how it works. only one think it’s not taking very clear photos but for everyday photos is very good

  4. I have been using the camera for quite some time, ever since I wrote this article. I have to comment that the output from this camera is excellent. If you are taking outdoor images, the pictures are excellent! There is only problem when the lighting becomes dark, and thus the photos doesn’t appear to look good.

    This goes the same, when you use this as a video clip recorder. The mpeg file resolution isn’t great. However, this is supposed to function as a digital camera, nonetheless, isn’t it?

    On the other hand, the web camera functionality is a beauty, using CCD technoloy, instead of CMOS.

  5. i have this camera from denmark.the guide book is in danish
    isit possible to get it in english?

  6. To farahnaz: yes, I think there is a guide book in English. At least I do know mine is in English.

    To Andrea: Well, the price is pretty dirt cheap for a digital camera. Of course, we have to consider about the devaluation of the product as time go by.

    In fact, even if you do get a CCD webcam, it would have already cost you half that price.

  7. The newer version will be in the United States on June 25 at Aldi stores.

    Finally a halfway decent camera at a reasonable price $99.99 US.

    You do not mention if it has a flash.

    Can you tell me this?

  8. i just saw the ad for th Traveler 5MP 6-on-1 digital video camera that is going on sale at Aldi this sunday, june 25th.

    what do you think the picture quality for indoor shots on this camera is like?

    how long does a Traveler product last?

    what US sold company is Traveler comparable to?


  9. I just saw the ad for this camera in the Aldi flier and it lists that it can be used as a camcorder. Does anyone have any experience using this camera as such? Also, with the 1GB SD memory card added, about how much recording time would that allow? I’m new at this digital camcorder stuff. Thanks!

  10. I am considering buying the Traveler DC-8600 from Aldi. It costs £180 and has 8.1 mega pixels and 6x optical zoom (8.5 digital zoom). Do you think this is good buy? I’m going to New York and want a good camera.

  11. I was just wondering if i was to buy this camera – are you able to purchase the batteries in a shop or something somewhat like this or are they unreplaceable.

  12. i bought my first digital camera from aldis several years ago. it was made by ‘medion’, as i believe, this one is. i recieved excellant service from them. the only problem i had was lack of an instruction book.
    i will be buying the latest one to come out of aldis on june 25th.

    i have also had trouble with chargers and found that you should let the batteries discharge completely the first couple of times in order for it to recharge properly. i don’t understand it, but i guess the batteries need to be properly broken in.

  13. DC-5080

    We beat he rush and got the first one up here. For the price I ‘m realy amazed by the features and overall fit and polish. I called the 1-800 service line on a Sunday and promptly got a live and very helpful person.

    We got the 1Gd SD card off the bat and it provides 30 mins of video @ the highest resolution with med. frame size. Without the card it is good for 2 mins. of video time At the the same approximate settings for still shots it holds about 40 without and 1200+ images with SD card.

    At bit about the battery / charging sytem : the lights on the charger do not go out at the end of charge. There was no info with my unit about charging times and such. The 1-800 service line guy Mike said 12 hrs. I did that and the battery icon in the unit seemed to indicate that that a 24hr. charge would have been more appropriate.


  14. This post is such a hot topic.

    Choppy: Not exactly sure which new version are you referring to. If you are referring to DC-5080 model, then it uses SD Card.

    shelby, Becky, Karren: I saw the latest camera on sale in Aldi as well. However, I am not sure if it has video recording functionality. Nonetheless, this new model has optical zoom (as Karren has mentioned).

    matt: it depends on the model you are looking for. The DC-5080 initially costs about €80. The DC-8600 costs around €280.

    Sam: I’m afraid it’s very hard to find battery replacement. The only way that I know you can get a replacement battery is to contact the manufacturer (which is in Germany).

    Mike: These are Li-ion batteries. Sometime it is important not to over-charge these batteries, even though they are not Ni-MH or Ni-Cad. A 24 hour charge initial charge seems fine, but not necessary for every subsequent charges.

  15. bonjour je viens d’acheter cet appareil chez aldi aujourd’hui (DC-5080) est ce que quelqu’un saurait me dire quelle carte mémoire je dois acheter pour mettre dedans??? je n’y connais rien malheureusement…

  16. question for MIke of Milw.
    I also bought the latest camera from Aldi’s. Can you
    tell me where you got the add-on storage. I’d like
    to get that.
    About the batteries. The ones incluced with my unit are
    NiMH batteries. I used energizers while waiting for these
    to get charged up. I can see that this unit would go
    through batteries very quickly.
    I also called the 1-800 service and received excellent service. My camera and the TV were out of sync when trying to view my videos on the TV. I called service to find out
    how to set the PAL/ntsc and was told how to do it. Of
    course I then found the info in the instruction booklet and felt like an ass.
    It’s hard to believe how much you get for the $100 cost
    of this unit.

  17. I have recently purchased the traveler DC 5080 from Aldi (like so many others) and am very happy with the camera.
    The problem I have is that I cannot use it as a webcam.
    I have installed the USB drivers as instructed in the manual, selected the PC cam option, got the “connected to computer” on the LCD screen and then nothing. The message remains on the screen and am unable to use the in my networking program. Any advice would be appreciated.

  18. I got bought a camera DC-8600 8.1 mega pixels from Aldi thursday and i have sent it to my son in USA as a gift, i am keeping my fingers crossed it is all that it says it is, we usually buy sony.

  19. this camera is the vivita vivicam 8600,, identical with another branded name on it. check it out guys, i know as i have both the vivitar and traveler models exactly the same no difference. you just get more extras with aldis option

  20. all the spares you need are avaliable, it is the vivita vivicam 8600 so just go to vivitas site and get chargers batteries car charger anything, hope this helps with battery enquiries.

  21. I recently bought an DC-5080 Digital Camera from Aldi in Australia, could you tell me where I can get a bigger memory card and spare parts if needed please.

  22. I love my DC-5080, i’ve had it since early March & use it every day, the battery charge lasts “forever” it was inexpensive to buy, small enough to take anywhere at anytime. Ok, it doesn’t do what my Canon Powershot S50 can do, but its my baby, the pics are very good & well worth the fight to acquire it from my local Aldi store.

  23. A friend just bought a DC-5080 for me from France and the user manual is written in French. Can you help me with how I can get the English version of the user Manual please.

  24. My mum was kind enough to buy me this camera as a gift.
    It does take video with sound, and the quality is really good. Much better than my previousl Kodak digital.

    The video quality is on par with for example a camera phone. But the web cam function is really great, I was going to go out and buy a seperate web cam, but I doubt it would have been as good as what this camera puts out.

    The only drawback I have found is that it is not the best at taking night pictures. If you do you definately need a full size tripod.
    The features are excellent, being able to adjust the contrast and exposure in composition definately helps the endpicture quality. Well worth the $150AU!

    For those of you who want the link to an English manual

    Out of 10 I’d give this camera a 9.
    Optical zoom is needed, although the quality of the zoom is not that bad compared to my Kodak.
    The features that this camera has are fantastic, definately recommend this camera to amatuer photographers.

  25. bought the dc 5080 camera took video which worked fine on computer but when copied to cd rom the sound disappeared! (when watching on dvd player)happened on disks made using xp and millenium on different computers any suggestions????(also checked on couple of dvd machines)help?

  26. G’day

    Yes this is a great camera but I have the same problem as Bary.
    I cant get the PC Cam function to work.

    The display says “connected to computer” but this never disappears. Cant get any application to recognize there is a video device connected to the PC.

    Has anybody had an “AhhhHaaa” moment to get this to work

  27. I recenrtly bought a Traveler DC-5080 camera from Aldi Australia and could anyone tell me what format the video is and what software I need to watch the video on my TV

  28. Hi,

    I have just bought the DC-8600, and i cant play my videos on my computer? Does anyone know why, im stuck help ha.

  29. I bought the traveler DV5040 5 megapixel (8 megapixel FW interepolation) digital camera/ videocam with sound/ webcam/ audio recorder/ MP3 player/ and portable hard drive for $100., plus a 1GB sd card for $30.00 at Aldi’s.
    The camera function has a flash with red eye reduction. The camera can be set to a lower megapixel rating with three quality settings in each category.
    There is automatic white balance plus 5 other light source settings It has EV compensation, automatic ISO, a macro mode, 4x digital zoom (I’d rather have optical zoom), a speaker, plug in headphones, self timer of 3 and 10 seconds, NHTS or PAL settings for your type of TV playback, a table/webcam tripod, a belt loop case, 1/2.5 CCD sensor, 64 MB internal storage, 2′ flip out LCD display (High resolution 130k pixels display) and LCD brightness settings, USB connector, AV terminal and cable, Software CD-ROM, earphone jack, lens: F-no. 3.5 and focal length 7.7mm.
    Daylight and flash photos are the clearest, and at 5 mega pixels shows very fine detail, including wrinkles (only on anyone over 50; ya right).
    I’m not as impressed with the videocam function even at its highest resolution, especially using the digital zoom.
    The 4 AA batteries are Nickle Metal Hydride batteries rated at 1800 mAh. Only 2 batteries are used in the camera. I also bought 4 additional batteries elsewhere for $7., rated at 2500mAh.
    Re: batteries not showing full charge: New batteries need several complete charges and complete discharges to be at their full power/duration.
    Did I get a good buy??? YYYYYEEESSSSSSS!!!

  30. I have lost the software for the DC 5080, does anybody know where I can get the software? I live in the Netherlands.
    Thanks 😉

  31. Hi, can anybody tell me where I can get the software for the DC 5080, since I’ve lost the CD… ;-/

  32. i search the driver for my traveler dc5080 my cd is broke and i bought new pc..can anyone help me as fast as possible
    there’s a reward

  33. Hi, like Jerry single, I bought the traveler DV5040 5 megapixel, lost the cd with the box, now that I want to install the software. Can it be the same as 5080. Where can I find the webcam driver? French or english OK. Thanks(MM)

  34. Hello,
    i search the driver for my traveler dc5080 my cd is broke and i bought new pc.
    The Michel M tell a website at august 1st, but this driver no longer working, anyone tell me other link? or anyone send me the drivers by mail?
    Please I need this driver urgent.
    Thank you

  35. Since I have a copy of the driver myself, I think I will place a link here where some of you may eventually find it useful. The driver for Traveler DC-5080 Digital camera is available here.

  36. Im planning on buying this would this be the best choice?????????

    its this or a panosonic lumix

    cause i want alot of Zoom would this be the best?

  37. In case the supplied charger fails, any high capacity AA battery can be used (1800 mAh or berrter for rechargables). I personally use duracells when my batteries are charging.

  38. hy…bought this camera..vey nice…only one problem..can’t use it in webcam mode, altough i have the driver installed.when i connect it to my computer and put it on PCcam mode, it says “connected to computer”.what do i have to do to use it as a webcam? email me pls at [email protected]. thanks

  39. I just picked up an Aldi ad in the store and beginning 11/26 they will hav a Traveler 5MP 6 in 1 Digital Video camera. It comes with a 2″ foldout LCD display, 4x digital zoom, 64 MB internal memory charger with 4 AA rechargeable batteries and headset. It can be used as a digital camera,camcorder, web cam (comes with tripod) voice recorder, MP3 player or portable hard drive. It comes with a 3 year warranty. The price is $99.99. You can see more on their website ( Given the features and the price and what you know about the Traveler brand, would you recommend it?

  40. i bought a dc5080 5megapixels camera 3 months ago.
    it really is a fantastic one and i liked it very much.
    one day i shot 2 pictures and then when i turned it on to take another picture it wasn’t on. then i though it was low battery and i charged it and tried again but nothing came to the screen.
    i kindly need your help to find out the problem and to solve it as soon as possible.
    thank you
    Noah D.

  41. Hi i have to DC-5080 and i have a major problem that just started happening yesterday.. The screen is white with black marks on it.. and i cannot get a picture.. even when charged up. r these cams on Warranty? cos if so i need a replacment asap. and could some one steer me in the right direction. Thanx

  42. yo…

    i have a question about my traveler DC-5080:
    -my video function only work for 23 seconds or less, but sometimes it already stucks at 1 second!

    how long does a normal traveler DC-5080 films?

    grtz hanno (holland)

  43. Hola soy un chico español que tengo una cámara digital DC-5080 pero el cargador se me cayó al agua y se estropeó. querría saber cómo puedo adquirir otro.¿Se puede comprar por internet?si se puede querría saber la forma de adquirirlo.

  44. I purched a traveler digital DC 5080 very happy with it but Ijust left it fall and broke the screen can any one send me details where to get it repaired

  45. hola a friend give me slimlinex5 but she not no where she putt the charge and i need to buy a charge in here usa the do not about this name company plaese let me now if a cant buy online i getting crazy looking for that.

  46. I purchased a Traveler DC-8300 digital camera at Aldi’s in May, 2006. Loved it! So many features (8.1 megapixels, 3xzoom, video clips, voice tags) for so little money ($219). Unfortunately mine was stolen last month. The guy didn’t take the charger or docking station, just the camera. Which will do him no good without those.

    Would anyone be willing to part with one of these cameras? I have tried eBay and Amazon and the internet, with no luck. I’ve asked Aldis to contact their warehouse to see if I can get another, or the next model out. So far, no good.


  47. I have had the Traveler 6.31 megapixel camera for a couple years and I really like it. The problem I am having now is that I can not find a replacement battery. It is a 3.7v 1000m ah lithium ion battery and Radio Shack and Walmart to not have and cannot order it.

  48. Hi

    I’m looking for a copy of Image Folio (the software that comes with the Aldi Traveler Dc 6300). I left the software in my work computer and they replaced the computers and I lost the CD. Please help!!!

  49. Hi! Have a Traveler Slimline x5 for couple of years, suddenly having problems, soon as I try to take a photo, it flashes “SD CARD PROTECTED” and am unable to operate it at all. Cannot find a phone number for help-line, even though it states Service address and telephone number on the box.
    Had set up a lovely birthday group the other night, and had to give in. Please can some-one help me? Karen

  50. Hi,
    I was on a schooltrip in Londen , and we filmed alot , but the problem is , when i took those clips of the Camera , i can only play 12 seconds , and than it stops , can anyone help me out ?

  51. Hi, Can someone tell how I can buy replacement batteries for my Digital Video Camera model (DV-3010) 6 megapixel 6 in 1?. My mother purchased this camera from Aldi’s store. Also, Do you know how I can get instructions on how to use this camera?
    Thank You!!

  52. can anybody tell me what memory card i can buy to increase my photos to say over 100 on the traveler dv 5070 digital video camera

  53. Hi i bought the traveler dc-5080 last year and am extremely happy with it and have never had a problem with it. I was just wondering where i can get a new charger from as i have lost mine!! Thanks

  54. I have a Traveler DC-8600 digital camera that I purchased from Aldi’s a little over a year ago and it’s been the best digital camera that I’ve ever used! Unfortunately I seem to have misplaced my AC power adapter to charge the battery! Luckily, my sister purchased the same brand/make camera and I’ve borrowed her charger a time or two but I’d really like to have my own. Can someone please tell me where I can find another one? I really like the camera better than the one I’ve been using lately but my Traveler battery is completely dead now and I didn’t want to bother my sister again.

  55. I have a traveler dc 8300 takes great pictures photos have won in shows have lost a battery need more ?Sydney or country nsw au. contact if possible or o/seas email address thanks

  56. I’ve purchased a Traveler DC-6300, and it only came with a 128 mb memory card, does anyone know if I can find memory cards that will work on these cameras that have a larger capacity? I also didn’t get an usb cable for the camera, does someone know where I can obtain these items? Thanks in advance !

  57. Hello,
    I bought TRAVELER DC-6300 before three years from ALDI, now the battery is dead. I can’t even take one picture after charging, did anyone know where to buy the battery

  58. I am thilak from sri lanka.At present Iam working in Maldives. My brother just bought a DC-5080 for me from France little over a year ago and it’s been the best digital camera that I’ve ever used!and the user manual is written in French, i never received softwere.I have only Battery charger and USB cable only.

    1 Can you help me with how I can get the English version of the user Manual.

    2.Tell me were i can download the driver disc for it.

    3.I need to buy battery & desktop charger unit also and tell me the availibity of purchasing all items in maldives or sri lanka.

    I am seeking your swift & quick feedback.

    Best Regards,

  59. hello everybody
    i have been trying to find a digital camera which can work as a webcam too.
    After studying the Traveller DC-5080,I am a little bit worried.
    Isn’t there any other Digital Camera which is better than Traveller DC-5080.
    Hoping for a kind and quick response

  60. Hi, I live in Au and was shopping Aldi yesterday and noticed a Traveler Video Camera, not sure on the model number, but could read it was a 5mp, had 64 internal storage, SD Card/webcam compatible… I have in the past wanted a “Flip” Video Camera, but they are not sold in this country and I believe not compatible with our systems out here… The Traveler seems to be similar to them, I think the price of the Traveler I saw was around $158, but am unsure now if the zoom was digital or optical …have to look again..
    Is there anyone in Au who has this camera? and what comments please …. Jan .

  61. Has anyone had problems down loading pictures and video from a Traveler DC-8600 useing a USB cable

  62. my book of instructions is in french & my french is not good enough to read technical french. Could anyone tell me where I can get instruction in english PLEASE!!

  63. In answer to Gary yes I had problems. I was unable to download pics using the front USB port. when I changed to the USB port at the back ie direct to the motherboard, I had instant success. My IT man said the front USB could not handle the cable which I found strange coz I can download my other camera using it and a digital recorder. So, Gary, use the rear USB port.

  64. I have lost the software for my traveler DC-5080 digital camera. Can anyone please tell me where I can get it. It is not available on the internet.

  65. have traveler dc-5080 camera very happy but have new computer with windows vista can i get driver so i can download from camera to computer

  66. Hi,
    Pls, I got this cam by a gift from my brother in law but without the CD.Can I download it from the web.
    here my mail [email protected] in case you get it pls, send it to me.
    Tks a lot…

  67. Hi 🙂
    I’m from the Faroe Islands.
    I owned a camera like that, but lost in a cab in Edinborough. I loved that camera!
    So I’d like to buy a another Digital camera Traveler DC-5080.
    Where can I buy it ??
    I’v tried for days now, looking on the internet.
    Was dies it usually cost ?
    can anyone help me?
    thanks 😉

  68. Hi everyone 😉
    I’m Wivika and I’m from the Faroe Islands.
    I owned a Digital camera Traveler DC-5080.
    Sadly I lost it in a cab in Edinborough.
    I loved that camera!
    I want to buy a another one..
    I’ve been looking for days, on the internet, but without any luck..
    Can someone tell me, where I can buy one ?
    and what it costs ?
    Thanks a lot! 😉

  69. i have lost my instructions manual for my traveler dv 5070 i would be grateful for help in getting a copy of one thank you for any help you may be able to give me

  70. propriétaire de l’appareil dc-5080 qui ma été offert j’ai malencontreusment perdu mon chargeur et je n’arrive pas à men procurer un nouveau . en attente d’une réponse je vs remercie d’avance de donner suite a ma demande

  71. propriétaire de l’appareil dc-5080 qui ma été offert j’ai malencontreusement perdu mon chargeur et je n’arrive pas à men procurer un nouveau . en attente d’une réponse je vs remercie d’avance de donner suite a ma demande

  72. Oi gente. Eu tenho essa camera, só q o manual ñ tem em português. Alguem tem por aí em português? quero as vz usar o zoom, e ñ sei como fazer.

  73. trying to transfer photos from camera to laptop message on camera is “connected to computer” but nothing doing and cannot switch off message from camera monitor

  74. A quick update…for those who are trying to locate a manual for the DC 8600 digital camera…the links earlier are no longer working but I did just download the correct manual in English….

    Hope this is helpful and just a second bit of info…the camera itself can be used to charge the batteries…which I discovered after my battery charger stopped working.

    Cheers and happy snapping!

  75. Please I have a Traveler digital Camera with megapixel 5.25 that was giving to me by a cousin since few years now. The battery went down and I lost it while I was searching for where to get a match. The camera model is C5300 and the DC IN is 5V. Please where can I get a replacement of the battery because I love the camera.
    I live here in Leuven,Belgium.

  76. AVOID THIS BRAND. I would avoid this brand of camera at all costs. I purchased a Traveller camera about 3 years ago, it broke,I sent it back and got a new camera. This also broke and so I sent it back aswell. This broke too. This continued and after the third time, according to the warranty, I was eligible for a refund. I asked for this and was ignored, instead recieving a new camera….. In total I returned a camera about 6 times until I just eventually gave up. Each time the camera was new. Each time the fault was different, althouugh all a software problem. AVOID THIS BRAND.

  77. I have this camera, and I love it. Though it looks like a pretty mundane point-and-shoot digital camera, it’s surprisingly great at taking lush photos, which will have deep saturation and high contrast. Photos taken with flash (day or night) even look great, as compared with my other Traveler digital camera where some areas become washed out. The limited buttons might give you a hard time in becoming familiar with its interface, though, but it’s worth the price.

  78. I’m having trouble with my 8300 getting it to take in focus photos. Where can I get help? thank you

  79. one can not install camera TRAVEL DC-58080 under the system Windows 7.. How to defeat this problem.
    nie można zainstalować aparatu fotograficznego TRAVEL DC-58080 pod system Windows 7. Jak pokonać ten problem

  80. Ibought a traveler dc8300 about four years ago the LCD monitor has failed it just go’s white any ideas please

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