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The TraveLamp Phone Diffuser turns your smartphone light into a lamp


If you have a smartphone, then you have very likely used the flashlight to find your way through a dark area. Usually this just means a trip to the bathroom at night or finding your keys under the car seat, but we don’t know where we’d be without it at this point. If you love the idea of having existing items being made multi-functional, and are drawn toward getting light gizmos, then the idea of turning your phone into a lamp is likely an enticing one.

This TraveLamp is a little phone attachment that looks like a lamp, and will turn your smartphone into one! The idea is that this soft white silicone will sit over top of your flash, capturing and diffusing the light from your phone and spreading it more evenly than the focused beam it normally produces would. The top of it looks like a chunky lamp, and the bottom is a stretchy band that will go over your phone, allowing you to position the lamp correctly.

Since this only costs $13, it would be a great phone accessory to make its light be a better source of illumination than just a flashlight. For instance, it would help you to stay up later on your phone without ruining your eyes by giving some back lighting to your peripheral vision. This would also be useful for working late, reading, or studying when you have other people in the room or down the hall to worry about. It’s super cute and not too pricey, though your situation will dictate its usefulness for your life.

Available for purchase on Amazon