Travel Sleep Sound Generator

Some of us have the “gift” of falling asleep just about anywhere, regardless of how noisy or sweltering it is out there. This is truly something which many others envy, especially those who need a perfect and quiet environment, not to mention having all the drapes drawn to a close, with the lights turned off. Well, if you find yourself having difficulty in sleeping, especially when you travel to unfamiliar territory (did you check for a pea under your mattress?), perhaps a little bit of external assistance might come in handy. I am referring to the $89.95 Travel Sleep Sound Generator.

The Travel Sleep Sound Generator happens to be an easy-to-carry device which will play soothing sounds that assist you in drifting off to sleep, never mind that you are in a posh hotel room, on an airplane, or at home. It has been specially designed in conjunction with world-renowned Neuro-acoustic expert Dr. Jeffrey Thompson, as the device itself will feature 18 digital sounds that were recorded in the field, such as ocean surf, spring rain, song birds, and bamboo chimes. It works via this principle – blocking disruptive background noise, the unit will then encourage one to relax, while resetting the body’s internal clock in order to combat jet lag. You can choose to have it run continuously, or with a trio of timed settings of 30, 60, or 90 minutes, where it will gradually decrease its volume. Other than that, it doubles up as a full-featured alarm clock complete with a snooze button, calendar, voice memo recorder, and back-lit LCD. You can have it run on a quartet of AA batteries or plug it into the AC outlet.