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Travel Honey GPS Location Finder from Chinavision

travel_honeyHave you ever parked your car in a large parking lot, and forgotten where it was? From there it becomes a quest. I remember when I visited Walt Disney’s EPCOT Center and it took me a half-hour before I could find my rental car.

Now if I had the Travel Honey GPS Location Finder from Chinavision, I would have found it right away. That, or I could have written down the coordinates as I left my vehicle behind. Of course, this is why we have technology, right? So we don’t have to write things down on scraps of paper.

With the Travel Honey, you get out of your car, then push a button on the GPS location receiver and finder for two seconds. After you are finished with your business or pleasure, you push the button again, and an arrow will point to where you need to go.

As you can see by the photo, it works like a compass, only a little easier. It will blink when you are within 50 meters, and turn blue within 15 meters. This could be a problem when you are in a parking lot, unless you intend to walk in between the parked cars.

Of course, who says that this device has to be used just for parking? You could use this to find anything that you need to come back to later, like a hotel or campsite. You can even use it as a USB dongle for your laptop, which will turn it into a GPS device, provided the proper mapping software is installed.

This would make the Travel Honey a GPS Receiver, Location Finder, Data Logger, and even a Photo Tagger. All for just $54 on the Chinavision site.


2 thoughts on “Travel Honey GPS Location Finder from Chinavision”

  1. Well this is surely a way that your are able to find your car easily!!!! I love the idea

  2. Unfortunately the software provided doesn’t include a serial key so that kinda puts a spanner in the works…mini cd doesn’t look authentic!

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