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The Trash Krusher makes the most out of every bag

Trash Krusher

How many trash bags do you go through in a week? It’s not really something you give much thought to since you know when something is used up you stick it in a bag and put that bag in a bin, never to be thought of again. We’re at the point where every piece of trash matters, which means not making the most out of those kitchen trash bags is a waste of money and more plastic that’s going to get tossed in a landfill somewhere.

While you could invest tons of money into a trash compactor, this Trash Krusher could do the same job for cheaper, and won’t touch your electricity bill. This is a 40L compactor that will squish your trash down through the mighty power of you. This manual compactor has a soft touch pedal to open the top which will silently, slowly close after you release it, making the trash think it’s safe. Once the lid closes, you can plunge the handle down as far as you can with as much force as you deem necessary.

This trash can will let you make sure you’re not tossing a bag before its due time. There’s a locking device to hold the lid open, and the lid can easily be removed for washing in the sink. You’ll be looking at $138 for this kitchen device, but at least you won’t have to worry about replacement batteries or it being out of date for charging options. The only thing that might stop working as well is you if you reach an old age and don’t have the strength to push down as spryly.

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