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Transparent OLED concept from LG looks stunning

LG_Electronics_OLEDLG is proud to be the leader in OLED commercial display technology, having already revealed the world’s largest OLED display last year. This time around, the South Korean company has not rested on its laurels, having introduced all new commercial OLED displays that will certainly be able to bring on the “wow factor” for different businesses and enterprising entities with its unique incorporation. This next generation LG transparent OLED display will boast of narrow bezels that help result in its elegant form factor, bringing a futuristic slant to any premise that is decorated with it.

 Such an advanced transparent panel will enable end users to harness the picture quality of LG OLED without having to totally block off viewers from objects that are located right behind it. This is a special kind of technology that is all the more impressive when installed in retail environments and art galleries, enabling products to be placed behind the display without resulting in any distortion, or to have special effects shown on the Transparent OLED signage.

There are many different kinds of possible applications of which I can think of in order to utilize the LG transparent OLED display. In terms of artistic impressions, artists can do a whole lot more than just to use it to display information about an artwork. Why not make it part of the artwork as well, providing a multi-layered experience for the art lover?

While it might still remain a concept, chances are LG has already drawn up plans to turn this into a commercially profitable solution in the near future. If that is going to be the case, you can expect shopping malls to be able to offer a unique shopping experience that online shopping channels are unable to, which might perhaps drive more foot traffic into the area.

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