Transformers Autobot Light will not transform and roll out

transformers-autobot-lightBatman has his huge Bat signal that Commissioner Gordon uses to summon him during times of great peril in Gotham City, but just imagine the amount of money that bad boy is going to cost the police station each month with the amount of power it consumes. Having said that, the Transformers, alien lifeforms that are also technologically advanced, seem to be a whole lot more energy efficient thanks to the AllSpark, might be a more viable platform to explore. Which is what has led to this £14.98 Transformers Autobot Light that helps keep monsters under the bed at bay while giving a sense of security to the little ones who find it difficult to fall asleep in the dark.

This is one of the cooler bedside lights, as the Transformers Autobot Light is perfect for illuminating your bedside table or desk. It comes in a distressed metal finish, where the free-standing Autobot light will feature non-slip feet as well as a 1.5 metre USB power cable to get it going. Unfortunately, it is not able to transform into other designs, and we would have loved it all the more if you were able to turn it the other side, and the Decepticon logo can be seen. I guess that is an idea which is reserved for a special Decepticon version, allowing them to earn twice the amount of money for what is basically the same thing, no?