Transformer Business cards are more than meets the eye

Okay, I will readily admit that the headline for this post was the most obvious pun I could make with this subject matter.

However, can you really blame me? This business card, designed by Tamiya, a Japanese model kit maker, has encapsulated all the joy of pre-made plastic model kits.

The ideas is that you have your name on it, and the recipient can essentially break apart the letters from the logo and make a car, boat, or plane out of them. I notice that there is one solid piece that should probably contain the pertinent information.

After all, the purpose of a business card is so someone can recommend you. It would totally suck if they finished assembling a cool model out of your logo and name, decided that they wanted your business, and would have no idea how to contact you.

Of course, you realize that you would have to give a separate card with instructions. Unless you want to post the instructions on your business website. Now that would give a potential client a reason for going to your site!

There is one thing that this plastic business card model doesn’t have: decals. You might remember those ones that you had to soak in water, peel off, and then stick on. I always hated those things, as they never did stick right the first time, or they folded.