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Transform your Amazon Echo into the Amazon Echo Tap with this new accessory

Mission_Battery_Shell_for_Echo_2Mission Accessories knows that a little bit of innovation here and there, and one will be able to enjoy a far more fulfilling experience with existing devices in the market. This is why they have announced the release of the Mission Battery Shell. The Mission Battery Shell carries the proud distinction of being the first integrated battery solution for the Amazon Echo 2. As opposed to hooking up a bulky battery pack right at the bottom of the Echo in a manner where it is all too easy for the battery could fall off, the Mission Battery Shell takes the road less traveled by integrating a hidden rechargeable lithium-ion battery right into the outer shell of Amazon Echo. Taking into consideration that the Echo should be portable, the user can simply slide off the decorative shell which is part of the Amazon Echo, replacing it with the Mission Battery Shell instead. Such an easy installation process requires but seconds, and best of all is, there is no need for any tools.

 According to Mission Accessories President Brian Wengreen, “Users will appreciate the flexibility of being able to use Amazon Echo in their garage, patio, garden, gym, or virtually anywhere else. For the first time, there is no need to try to attach a battery pack to the bottom of Echo as with other solutions that are available today. Instead, with the Battery Shell, the rechargeable battery actually becomes part of Echo. The Mission Battery Shell basically turns Echo 2 into the equivalent of the original Amazon Echo Tap but with the higher-performance audio and updated near-field microphone array that are available with the Echo 2.”

So far, the Mission Battery Shell has gone through rigorous testing at the National Analysis Center with flying colors, and is fully compatible with the Amazon Echo 2 right out of the box. It even includes robust protection for the Echo, knowing that many people bring their Echo around with them. Boasting of a Vex silicone pad and Real-Shield hard shell, it will protect the Echo from damage during accidental drops as well as from everyday wear and tear. The Mission Battery Shell provides enough juice to last anywhere from 8 to 10 hours away from a power outlet. Other features include a 30 Watt Mega-Boost Regulator that supports deep bass tones, seamless transitions between “plugged-in” mode and portable mode via Power Path FET technology, and a premium Renesas microprocessor that controls the Precision Control System. The Mission Battery Shell for Echo 2 can be picked up for $49.99 apiece.

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