Transcend Goggles give you your skiing stats

Skiing and snowboarding are sports that I would never succeed at.  For one I lack balance and the most important detail is that I turn into an ice cube if it drops below 50 degrees (Fahrenheit) outside.  Even despite that I’m not big on cold outdoor sports, these goggles are still cool.  They give you all sorts of statistics as you’re sliding down the mountainside.

These Transcend Goggles come from Recon Instruments and Zeal Optics.  They come with GPS and a display on the inside of the goggles.  That display will tell you things like your coordinates, outdoor conditions, speed, altitude, total distance, the temperature and number of runs.  You can even use it as a stopwatch and a clock.  It’ll even keep track of your progress.  To get all of that fancy technology placed right in front of your eyes you’ll have to pay up $399.  That is unless you’d like the fancy set with photochromic (automatic transitioning) lenses, then it’s $499.

Source: Technabob