Tranquility Pod brings you to a whole new world of relaxation

We live in an extremely stressful environment, that is for sure. Just take a look at the number of suicide cases around the world and you get an idea on what is going on around us. Of course, this has led to another business opportunity where folks start to look out for different ways to unwind and relax, and this has led to an entire cottage industry of spas, public baths, and massage parlors. Well, how about owning a little slice of heaven in the comfort of your own home? This is what the $30,000 Tranquility Pod is all about.

The Tranquility Pod will rely on various factors to send you into cloud nine, focusing on pleasant sound, gentle vibration, and soothing light so that your body, mind, and spirit will be transported to a tranquil state of relaxation. Specially handcrafted from fiberglass to be turned into a smooth, shiny gel-coat surface, the pod’s ellipsoid exterior is able to block out 90% of outside noise, as its interior foci ameliorate music will be played back via the built-in 80-watt, four-speaker sound system through an iPhone/iPod or smartphone.

With a subwoofer which is capable of generating gentle vibration via the bed, it will resonate such sound waves through the body in order to impart restful harmony. The pod’s biofeedback system itself is touted to be an exclusive feature which can only be found from the likes of Hammacher Schlemmer, where it will rely on a pulse sensor which will synchronize your heartrate with 50 LEDs that have been housed in the pod’s inner perimeter so that it can create ambient mood lighting that will hopefully, calm the mind. There will be LEDs that change colors at your command from the built-in controller or wirelessly from an iPhone or smartphone app.

I do wonder, however, just how effective this should be, especially when you have taken a loan from the bank to pick up this $30,000 appliance for your pad. Thinking about how to pay back that money is headache enough for most, so it had better work as advertised!