Tranquil Sounds Oxygen Bar is much more luxurious than air in a can

Every time I see an oxygen bar I’m always picturing President Skroob sucking air out of a can and claiming there is no air shortage to the public.  If you have no idea what I’m talking about, well then, you’re disowned.  Well, okay I suppose as long as you promise to redeem yourself and go rent Spaceballs.  This oxygen bar at least has more perks than a simple can of air, but in my head it’s pretty much the same principle either way except with one extra difference.  This one is to feel relaxed and in Spaceballs it was because they were running out of air.

While you’re breathing all of that pure and clean oxygen you can also listen to soothing sounds through the headset.  It has a spot to add a little aromatherapy and you can put in a drop of essential oils.  The air is pumped into your system through the headset, which has a piece that sits right in front of your mouth.  Basically like a headset with a microphone, only this is blowing expensive air at you.  For one of these it will cost you $299.95.  Pretty sure I’ll just stick with my not entirely pure, free air and just burn some incense to relax.

Source: chipchick