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Tranquil Moments Baby Monitor & Sleep Sounds hopes to send your little one to sleep ASAP

tranquil-moments-babyLet’s face it – parents of newborns, whether they are the first or the tenth, will still find it a challenge with each new addition to the family, especially when it comes to getting the little one to bed. After all, each of us do have a unique personality, and some of those traits are inherent from birth. If you have tried just about everything to get the tiny one to sleep so that you can finally catch some shuteye, and have not had much success, along comes the $249.99 Tranquil Moments Baby Monitor & Sleep Sounds that will allow you to monitor your child remotely through a smartphone or a tablet, even as it assists your baby to sleep.

All audio and video will be sent over to your Wi-Fi enabled smartphone or tablet so that you can monitor what is going on from afar. The app itself is available for free over on the App Store or Google Play, and thanks to integrated night vision, you are able to see your little one asleep all night long. This particular device comes with an adjustable camera angle with remote pan, tilt and zoom capabilities, where it can be placed on a monitor or table, or even mounted to the wall. Not only that, it can capture photos of your baby with the app’s snapshot feature. There is also a continuous play or 30-, 60- and 90-minute sleep timers that will let you choose the amount of time in order to play the sleep sounds program. Each purchase comes with a soothing kaleidoscope light and a white nightlight, and it will work on a WPA/WPA2 digitally encoded, secure home network, or Wi-Fi peer-to-peer without a home network.

Adults who need a similar tool to sleep without being “spied” upon can always settle for the Tranquil Moments Bedside Speaker & Sleep Sounds.