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TRAMP-It Jump Shoes

Want to literally put a spring in your step? That’s a snap to do, especially when you have the TRAMP-It Jump Shoes. This unique device will come in three different sizes, which are small, medium and large that will retail for £99.99, £109.99 and £119.99, respectively. They will give you unprecedented levels of speed and agility, letting you have more than just a simple spring in your steps. Made out of extremely strong material and yet is flexible, it will be worn under the sole, letting you jump further and bounce higher than you ever thought possible naturally.
Adults aren’t the only ones who will have fun with this strapped onto a pair of shoes, too bad Easter has passed, otherwise you can always play the role of being an Easter bunny, hopping to and fro to make sure that the rest of the kids in the neighborhood have gotten their chocolate candy.

1 thought on “TRAMP-It Jump Shoes”

  1. I’ve always wanted a pair of tramp-it shoes, but the shoe sizes are too small. I wear a 10.5 uk. So I think they need to make it in a bigger size.

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