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The TRAKK Shell Backpack is a portable speaker for those who can’t sit still


There are some people who actually enjoy working out. It’s normally those kids who grew up playing sports and never thought that being outside is as much of a chore as it is to everyone else. Then again, once you start getting healthy, it is pretty fun to go on a run or take a scenic bike ride. It can be a nice way to take a break from staring at screens and working every second you breathe.

 If you like the escape from your visual prison but still want to listen to the top 50 hits on your phone, then the TRAKK Shell Backpack is going to be just what you need. This is a backpack to carry all your nerd tech, water, and snacks, and will also be a 20W Hi-Fi Bluetooth speaker and 5200 mAh power bank. It seems like a must-have item for gadget-loving adventurers who go from morning workout to work to evening bike rides without stopping to juice up their phone.

This pack is rated IPX5, being able to take a water jet in any direction without ruining your smartphone inside, meaning rain is of little inconvenience. It’s also shockproof, comfortable to wear for hours at a time, has speakers loud enough to be heard in rain or while running on gravel, and has pockets galore for all of your stuff. There’s a controller for the speaker so you can control your music, volume, turn on snazzy lights on the backpack, or take calls. This is a $149.95 backpack that is only for serious music-lovers who can’t stand to sit down.

Available for purchase on Amazon