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The Train You I Can Yoda will make a Jedi Knight out of you just yet

train-you-i-can-yodaYoda, the aged Jedi Master who ended up one with the Force thanks to Qui-Gon Jinn, is a well respected Jedi Master – one that even the Sith Lord of the day, Emperor Palpatine, was unable to best in a lightsaber duel. I must say, it was certainly a surprise for everyone when Yoda first drew his lightsaber to go up against Count Dooku in Episode II, seeing the way the frail Yoda transformed into a totally different creature altogether thanks to the power of the Force working in him. Well, if Yoda can make an honest Jedi Knight out of Luke Skywalker in such a short period of time, there is hope for the rest of us just yet. The $179.95 The Train You I Can Yoda might be a Christmas gift that you would like to get ready for your little nephews and nieces this Christmas.

The The Train You I Can Yoda is a lifelike Jedi master that trains young Padawans to fully embrace The Force. It sports a very realistic form of movement, where there are 115 spoken phrases such as “Ready to train, are you?”, arriving in a convincing latex body and fabric robe, not to mention an illuminated lightsaber. Measuring 17.5” in height, this interactive Yoda assumes three roles for interactive play. As a warrior, Yoda demonstrates his lightsaber technique with lifelike 360° spins, strikes, and parries, thanks to seven built-in micro-motors, while training students how to use The Force to push him backward – this is made possible thanks to a motion sensor that will detect your movement, while hidden wheels roll him away. Apart from that, his left palm glows when he detects the dark side of The Force.