The Trailer Hitch Alignment Tool


Hooking up certain hitches can be difficult with help.  Some allow for you to be a little off, but others it requires being extremely precise.  Then to actually pull off hooking up a trailer, boat or camper on your own is a tedious and time consuming task.  I suppose it is entirely possible, but it’s probably going to take you a while to get it right.  Usually you’re far better off waiting until help arrives.  Well this Trailer Hitch Alignment Tool will make it possible for you to hook everything up without any help.

There’s a rod that attaches to each side, one on the hitch of your vehicle and the other for the hitch on your trailer.  In order to make it easier to see both rods, these have brightly colored markers on the ends.  Then the rods themselves are adjustable, you can make them stand up to 43 inches tall.  In order to resist rust, these come in a chrome plated finish.  Then all you have to do is line up the colored markers on the end and you’re done.  I imagine it might take some practice though to get used to lining up two colored dots.  You can pick up the kit for $18.75 from Amazon.

Source: Bookofjoe

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